What They Say

“This is what god has done for me through KCR. God has given me true peace with myself! And has help me have true peace with him. I have found peace with my life and the motivation to do better with my life! God has given me my life back, my family back, and have a life worth fighting for. Today I’m not looking for the next high or looking for a place to lay my head. Today god have given me a life to help others and be reliable, be there for family whenever they call, to be on time and not be late to anything. God took my mess in life and clean it up where my life has meanings. And not meaningless. Today my life is awesome, and it feel good to see the good side of life” -“D”
“To say that I was defeated and broken when I arrived at KCR would be nothing short of an understatement. There was not a single facet of my life that bore any fruit. Everything that I had or once loved and cared for in my life was in shambles or had departed long ago. For nearly five years I had tried to quit getting high every day, I woke up with the resolve to quit every morning but with no avail. About three weeks into KCR I realized my aim was at the wrong thing, the goal was not to get sober but to establish my relationship with Christ and in turn The Lord’s grace and mercy would allow me to stay sober. Since then, my desire for my old life has faded, with the help of The Lord, and everything that I once loved has been reconciled through love and self-sacrifice just as Christ did for me. My life has a purpose now and every morning it starts with the same things I did while at KCR -“M”